Dedicated to Teaching American Football Outside of America

Audible Football Corporation has a team of experienced individuals who are passionate about sharing their love of sports. We work hard to help people learn American Football and gain other skills they can apply in their daily lives.

The Goal of Our Organization

Our mission is to provide American football resources and capacity to athletes and coaches in underrepresented areas outside the United States. This corporation is created to teach the sports’ fundamentals, techniques, schemes, along with the development of life skills.

Audible Football Corporation
Audible Football Corporation

What Our Group Aspires To Be

At Audible Football Corporation, we strive to be an organization that pushes others to be the best versions of themselves, both physically and intellectually. Our team aims to accomplish this vision through the power of knowledge and perseverance.

Who We Aim to Empower

Interests in American football in other countries are rare and very unestablished. To make a difference, we provide football clinics to athletes, coaches, and fans who want to learn more about the sport. Our international organization focuses on populations outside of the United States.

About American Football Development

American football is a conceptually complex sport to understand if one is not familiar with the techniques and rules. Understanding the basic concepts of the sport is the first step in successfully managing a football league.

Our corporation will sharpen the fundamentals, techniques, and schemes used in the sport. We will cover basic schemes in the three football faces, namely offense, defense, and special teams. Individual position techniques for both offense and defense will also be taught.

Audible Football Corporation

Empowering Grassroots American Football

Coaching education and athletic training

Playing equipment and field spaces

Networking and collaborations

Stable revenue streams

Strategic planning, creativity, and implementation

Other Areas of Focus

Game Planning

Strength and Conditioning

Nutrition and Injury Prevention

Leadership Skills

Social Justice and Equity

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